Starring: Anne Igartiburu

Starring: Anne Igartiburu

We are privileged to have the fantastic Anne Igartiburu as the bearer of our jewelry.

Anne is a woman I admire, not only for her beauty and friendliness, but for all the causes she promotes (which are many) and for her positive and constructive spirit. I have personally followed Anne for years and currently more closely through social networks. And I follow it because its content is spectacular, based on interviews with great people and experts in various subjects, especially psychology, mental and personal well-being, philosophy, health...

Anne Igartiburu with Khloe Joyas

We were able to see her this week on her TV show Corazón on TVE wearing some of our jewelry, and she was absolutely beautiful.

Anne wore the " Anne Tag Heart " pendant inspired by her with great style, which gave all the grace to her suit style.

Anne also wanted to put her hair up so she could show off our Astra-Pearl Earrings that gave her beautiful face a lot of charm (more than they already have if possible).

If you want any of these two pieces, you can take a look here (click on the image to go to the product):

Anne Igartiburu Pendant

Anne Igartiburu Earrings

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